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Baren B-C04 Air purifier 60m² with plasma filter, PM2.5 Sensor, Touchpanel

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Air purifier with touch panel and remote control, max. 60m²/150m³, intelligent air quality detection, HEPA-, Activated carbon-, Photo catalyst-, Electric static plasma filter, UV lamp and Anion.


This silent, effective air purifier with low energy consumption improves the air quality with 6 filter systems:

  • Electric static plasma filter: Using honeycomb type of aluminum ion technology, the electrostatic adsorption is more 5 to 8 times compared with normal one. It is washable and useable repeatly.
  • HEPA filter: using a new generation of composite materials, can effectively remove of particle PM2.5.
  • Activated carbon filter: Adopting the porous coconut made by modern biological carbonization synthesis technology, adsorption capacity is bigger, and can effectively remove smoke, formaldehyde.
  • Photo catalyst filter: Using titanium dioxide ( TiO2) material, its oxidation function can damage the filter captured the cell membrane of bacteria, inhibit virus activity.
  • UV lamp: Air is the main path leading to the spread of the virus, using UV air sterilization technology, the environment of natural bacteria killing rate can reach more than 96% .
  • Anion: Negative ion is praised as Air Vitamin. People live in the high negative ionic environment, can promote human new and old superseded, improve immunity.
  • Air quality intelligent detection: built-in Sharp second generation PM2.5 particle sensor and odor sensor.
  • IMD control panel: using a new generation of IMD technology, more convenient control.
  • Digital display: PM2.5 air quality indication, temperature, humidity, timer indicator, more intuitive and easy to understand.
  • Automatic alarm: set filter, UV lamp replacement warning indicator.
  • ERP design, standby power ≤0.5W.
  • Energy saving motor, more quiet and more green.
  • Remote Control

See information for disposial of batteries and electrical equipment


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